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Ethereal Words, Volume 1
A Collection of Poetry that Adds Meaning to Life (2017)

Ethereal Words is an eclectic mix
of strange forms: Hay(na)ku, Haiku,
Pantoum-mime; as well as more
traditional forms: Sonnets, Limericks.

Ethereal Words is funny, surprising,
and full of special moments
that will have you crying and nodding
as your heart and soul unite.

Ethereal Words is relateable, inspiring,
content that will bring you moments
of joy, understanding, awe, and insight
as your mind and emotions dance.

Ethereal Words is the one poetry book
you need to
buy and keep on your
shelf for those moments of need.

Ethereal Words is words made real for you.

Sample Poem from the Anthology:



transform into
green, croaking toads.

sprout wings,
bursting forth butterflies.

mutate to
flies, annoying people.

climb inside
mature, adult bodies.

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