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Since I started writing short stories in 2006, I've created quite a collection of them over the years. The first few years I was quite prolific. So much so, that my first self-published book was Ethereal Worlds, published in 2009 if I recall correctly. In three short years, I had written a rather large number of short stories, in additon to the novels I'd been writing.

In 2009 and onward, I had also started writing and posting on my blog free short stories. I've always done a Christmas short story. In 2010, I recall I had a monthly short story I wrote and posted on the blog. Then about mid-way through 2011, a life-event happened that put my writing on pause for a year and a half. About the time I started writing again, I discovered I had Parkinson's, which greatly limited my time to write as well as my motivation to do so. Despite that, in 2013, I had my last productive year, writing a short story a month again. By the time 2014 began, however, my symptoms had become bad enough that I had to trim back. Despite that, I wrote a short story here and there as I could.

Thus was born volume 2 of Ethereal Worlds. I had written enough to produce another volume. I'll keep writing short stories as I'm able, which thanks to my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in September of 2017, has returned me to writing again. I published the ebook in November of 2016, and the print volume in December of 2017.

Additionally, I had also written a good number of poems since 2006. I've finally added them to their own anthology, which is one reason why I've listed them here and under poetry too. It takes a lot more poems to constitue a book, however. So it may be a while before another volume of them appears.

To get a taste of what's in those volumes and find links to buy them from your favorite online bookstore, click on the links to the left. Thank you for your interest and any reviews you can provide for these books.