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Ethereal Worlds, Volume 2
An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories with a Touch of Mainstream Fiction (2016)

Looking for a vacation? How about a trip to Alpha Centauri with Santa? Or the Garden of Eden with a wizard? Or maybe a trick-or-treat outing with an orc? Or why not all of them and so many more in Ethereal Worlds, Volume 2?

R. L. Copple’s short stories and flash fictions will allow you to visit the places you could only dream about. Explore the mind-worlds of interesting characters like an executive with a fairy secretary or of a superhero. Nineteen adventures await your visit: some are light, some are humorous, others are dark—all are a fun read.

Pick up a copy to enjoy your own vacation trip for pennies on the dollar!

Stories in this volume:

Fantasy Stories

Science Fiction Stories

Mainstream Fiction

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