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How to Make an Ebook (2011)

Using Free Software

Want to create an ebook but don't know how? Don't have the cash to spend on programs to generate them? Author R. L. Copple shares his logical, step-by-step method of ebook creation. He begins with setting up the document to write your book, and ends with creating the cover art, the PDF, EPUB and MOBI ebooks, and then putting them up for sale at major online retail outlets. The appendices also describe how to make a PDB ebook and how to use the "nuclear" method to clean hidden formats in a document while retaining italics, bold, and heading formats. All using free software you can download!

The book breaks down the process into seven steps: Step 1 — Creating the Source File; Step 2 — Creating the Cover; Step 3 — Creating the PDF Ebook; Step 4 — Creating the Smashwords Edition; Step 5 — Creating the EPUB Ebook and Uploading to Barnes and Noble; Step 6 — Creating the MOBI Ebook and Uploading to Amazon; Step 7 — What to Do With the Ebooks.

Packed with a wealth of information and tips, the book will serve as a guide and reference to publishing your next book as an ebook.

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