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The Legend of the Dragons' Dying Field

This series is a sequel to The Reality Chronicles in that it is set in that same world, and follows the baby born at the end of Reality's Fire: Colbert, otherwise known as Cole for short. The story starts as Cole, now around 18 years old, heads out to "find his own path" which thanks to his unique friend, George, means they end up searching for an invisible dragon's scale. With nothing to go on other than his father's story about an invisible dragon at the town of Dragon's Inn, they end up discovering far more than simply an invisible dragon's scale.

The story progresses in what is currently (but that could change at any time!) scheduled to be a five-book series. Thanks to the Dragon's Dying Field, it could go on longer than that, but we shall see. After all, I'm currently 58 and with my Parkinson's, who knows how many more years of productive writing I have. At any rate, these stories will follow Cole, George, and their friends as they discover their own contribution to The Legend of the Dragons' Dying Field.

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