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The Virtual Chronicles

The concept for this series started in 2006 with the advent of my first National Novel Writing Month. My "what if" concept was what if there was a virtual reality that could interact with the real world, much like Star Trek, the Next Generation's holodecks have real people interacting with a virtual one, and a planet used this technology to trick Earth's video game players into fighting a war for them?

I thought it would end up being one volume. Heros save the day and the story ends. But as the final scene closes, Jeremy gets a superhero mask, allowing him to be any type of superhero virtually that he wanted. Thus was born from the first book, "Mind Game," "Hero Game." I figured that would be the last book. It could have been, but I had more stories to tell. So I started, finished, and published the book, "Virtual Game." Only problem, is that story didn't end, but demanded another novel. Which I've finished writing (on November 30th of 2017). So I'm in the editing process of that story and will have it out, I hope, by the first half of 2018.

This novel, which I'm titling "Reality Game," definately does end the series, which has become four books long. The other link you see to the left, "Virtual Hero," is a free novella of four short stories in that world, which happen some period of time between Hero Game and Virtual Game. I intended to make that novella a perma-free book, so if you go to that page, you can click through and get it free from your favorite online bookstore.

I intended these to be simply a fun and enjoyable romp, without intending to say anything profoud. That said, the themes that my readers have picked up on is friendship, loyality, teamwork, trust, and violence in video games. There is little to no reference of God or religion through these books, but the reader can be certain that the worldview is Christian based. Rather, I wanted to write something fun that would appeal to a broader group of people. It ended up becoming a four-book series with one tie-in novella. Though I've finished the stories in this world, you never know when I'm going to write another short story, or even find a way to resurect the story and tell another fun tale. Authors do that all the time!

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