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Reality Game (2018)

Book 4 of the Virtual Chronicles

The Final Book of the series!

The final conclusion to the exciting story of two teens who found themselves using virtual reality in reality, and using that virtual reality to defend Earth from aliens, and now, from a force within Earth itself.

The story picks up shortly after events in the last book, Virtual Game, where our heroes, Jeremy, Mickey, Bridget, and Natalie, are fighting the Earth Security Enhancement League (ESEL), a world-wide military organization put in place to defend the planet from alien invasions. But who will defend the planet from the head of this league: Commander Fisher, who plans to secretly install a one-world government using the virtual machine? Our heroes using their virtual powers, that’s who!

Though one can read this book and get enough context to enjoy the story, it is best to read the first three books preceding this one: Mind Game, Hero Game, and Virtual Game.

Get all four and enjoy the Virtual Chronicles story in full, today!

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