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Reality's Fire (2012)

Book Three of The Reality Chronicles

The Day shall declare the reality revealed by fire...

Destinies are forged in the dark night of the soul. Kaylee and Nathan pursue a zombified Crystal to ensure her safety. A vision of death propels their mother, Gabrielle, to chase them in order to prevent its fulfillment. Her wizard friend, Josh, accompanies her to keep his promise to protect her. A mysterious religious leader wants to seduce Kaylee to violate her morals. And a demonic being seeks to bury the reality of the ring through temptation and deceit. Through their twisting journeys, each encounters their destiny. Including the ring.

...Reality's Fire is revealed, and no soul can hide from its judgment.

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" Although this is a serious story pertaining to serious matters, there is a considerable amount of humor involved as well. One example, was the fear of falling off of the magic carpet while it was flying through the air.

If you like fantasy that is fun and deals with important stuff, then I recommend reading this one."
Forrest W. Schultz

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