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Reality's Dawn (2011)

Book One of The Reality Chronicles

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, reality invaded the world.

When the presence of reality emerges from under the façade of perception, lives are changed. Forever. A mystical ring binds Sisko to bless others with miracles and avoid using its power for himself, which would lead to a curse. With his friends Josh the wizard and Seth the leader of a gang of thieves, Sisko explores the emerging reality through his travels and adventures.

Journey with Sisko as reality's presence confronts and changes the greedy, the killers, the trapped, the demonic, and Sisko himself.

...Reality has dawned, and no one will be the same.

Enclosed are fifteen spell-binding stories of Sisko's adventures. Five of them are the stories from the original book, Infinite Realities. This edition adds ten more stories to really fill out Sisko's life, world, and the characters you see in later novels.

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"My son so thoroughly enjoyed the two first books in this series, that he never put them down. He is likely the most well-read 11 year old boy that I know of, as he has read everything from Harry Potter, Narnia Series, Inheritance Cycle, to Gregor the Overlander, and so much more. But nothing has ever engrossed him as these stories. He literally laughed out loud while reading and finished both books in two days. I didn't give him the second until the following day, because I feared he would not have slept otherwise. He didn't stop talking about the stories. Sisko was an ideal companion for him, as my son didn't feel up to school work because of the flu. Amazing that he held my kindle hostage with these books rather than playing a video game or watching TV. When a book is that good for a child, we all feel better! We'll be waiting for the next!"
P. Creeden

"A discerning reader can draw spiritual nourishment from virtually every story. On the other hand, it's possible that young readers may not always be cognizant of the spiritual nature of the struggles through which the characters are working, and will read the stories for the sake of the often exciting adventures."
Author Sherry Thompson (Seabird, Earthbow)

"Each chapter records a new adventure in the hero's life and is loaded with danger, action, and Biblical morals. He'll gain friends, join a gang, fall in love, and become a popular healer near and far. The question is, will he be able to maintain his devotion to God in the midst of it all?"
Author Steve Wilson (The Gifted Series)

"The journey was so profound I didn't want it to end."
Lost Genre Guild concerning the original Infinite Realities stories also included in Reality's Dawn.

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