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Reality's Ascent (2011)

Book Two of The Reality Chronicles

In the soul of each person lies a reality clamoring to break free...

When the demon Beltrid demands that Sisko use his supernatural ring for evil, Sisko's refusal turns his world upside down. Trapping Sisko's wife, Gabrielle, inside the "Crystal of Virtues," Beltrid sends Sisko and his two teenage children, Nathan and Kaylee, on a journey to find seven virtues that will free her. Simple? Not when a demon is involved.

...Reality has ascended, and no soul will remain untouched.

Note: This book is a reprint of Transforming Realities originally published by Double-Edged Publishing, Inc. The changes are minor in this edition put out by Splashdown Books, but the story shines now more than ever. But if you have a copy of Transforming Realities, then you pretty much have this book--minus the snazzy new cover!

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"My son so thoroughly enjoyed the two first books in this series, that he never put them down. He is likely the most well-read 11 year old boy that I know of, as he has read everything from Harry Potter, Narnia Series, Inheritance Cycle, to Gregor the Overlander, and so much more. But nothing has ever engrossed him as these stories. He literally laughed out loud while reading and finished both books in two days. I didn't give him the second until the following day, because I feared he would not have slept otherwise. He didn't stop talking about the stories. Sisko was an ideal companion for him, as my son didn't feel up to school work because of the flu. Amazing that he held my kindle hostage with these books rather than playing a video game or watching TV. When a book is that good for a child, we all feel better! We'll be waiting for the next!"

~P. Creeden

R. L. Copple's Reality's Ascent is an action-packed fairy tale, full of myth and adventure. Wizards, trolls, magic mazes, flying islands, and winged horses all play a part in the fantastical quest of two children racing to save their mother and father from the wicked plans of a demon. An engaging story young fantasy fans won't want to miss.

~Caprice Hokstad, author of The Duke's Handmaid and Nor Iron Bars a Cage

A thoughtful Christian fantasy adventure in the spirit of Role-Playing Games.

~Frank Creed, author of Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground

This is a fast-paced action story from start to finish as Sisko and his family battle wizards, supernatural beings, trolls, and more in order to defend the gift God has given them. It is a story of love and family, of temptation and healing.

~Steven Wilson

"It's the Pilgrim's Progress for a new generation."

~Taylor Kent, a.k.a, "The Snarky Avenger," host of Shark Infested Waters
Listen to his interview with me! 5 out of 5 "shark bites"!

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