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Short Stories

Shifting Love (2010)

The Neptune 2 Series

Love can be difficult to pin down, or escape from. Especially from a giant alien ship.

Residential Aliens

Spacy Date (2010)

Christmas is a time for joy and birth. Yet death intrudes upon this season far too often, speckled with glimmers of hope.

Digital Dragon Magazine

Home for Christmas--Wherever That Is (2009)

The Reality Series

Sisko finds friendship in an unexpected person, and an unexpected situation.

Part I
Part II

Life Intruders (2009)

The Neptune 2 Series

Lives hang in the balance when two aliens attempt to steal Io's only cure to a moon-wide plague.

Residential Aliens

Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2008)

Food feeds the mind and music the soul. But what happens when the two are combined into one "rising" reality? Lots of dough.

Abandoned Towers

The Captain's Chair (2008)

They say the fastest way to a man's gut is through his pride. Yeah, probably true.

Everyday Fiction

The Battle (2008)

What battle one chooses to fight will determine the value of victory. Have you chosen to fight the good fight?

Residential Aliens

Confessions of a Zombie's Wife (2008)

It is said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but what if your husband is a zombie? Then it's through the brains, and lots of 'em!

Fear and Trembling Magazine

Space Talk (2008)

This is the very first flash fiction I ever wrote, and the only (to date) stream-of-consciousness story I ever wrote.

Whoever said space was the final frontier, never met a Delusian.

Residential Aliens

Facing the Cave (2008)

Finding life in the midst of death isn't easy, especially when dealing with an undefeated foe.


The Wheel of Curses (2008)

Written from the world of Infinite Realities, from Josh's pov in chapter 2 of that book.

Josh thinks he has control of the wheel, but will he discover he is cursed instead?

Everyday Fiction

Ultimate Realities (2007)

Chapter 4 of the Infinite Realities four-part series.

Sisko takes the ultimate journey to discover what he really loves most. Can he bear the truth?

The Sword Review

Unseen Realities (2007)

Chapter 3 of the Infinite Realities four-part series.

What dangers could a dilapidated village of aging adults have? Sisko's faith is tested by what he finds in the sleepy town of Dragon's Inn.

The Sword Review

Unknown Realities (2007)

Chapter 2 of the Infinite Realities four-part series.

Sisko finds love and rage in an unusual family. He pushes himself to the edge to deal with both without being destroyed.

The Sword Review

Steamy Realities (2006)

Chapter 1 of the Infinite Realities four-part series.

Sisko discovers the reality a mystical steam house reveals not only in others, but within himself. The results of this rite-of-passage begins a long journey in his life.

The Sword Review

Public Identities (2007)

What happens when a superhero ends up in the hospital? Tornado Man finds out.

A Thousand Faces

Mirror, Mirror on the Screen (2007)

This micro-flash fiction won an honorable mention in their 2007 contest.

How well can you argue with yourself?

Residential Aliens

The Cold Truth (2007)

The first manned expedition into the "Ice Giant," Neptune leads to some surprising discoveries.

Everyday Fiction

Monkey Madness (2007)

This less than 500 word flash fiction won second place in the Ray Gun Revival Space Monkey Flash Fiction contest.

The Space Monkeys spring their evil trap for galaxy-wide dominion. But can they succeed?

Ray Gun Revival

Marvelous Man (2007)

This is my only mainstream fiction story.

How does thirteen-year-old Jared face the fears of growing up in the midst of a divorce and new dad?

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Hearing God (2006)

This is one of my few non-speculative stories. Not even fiction, really.

A trip to two very different retreats highlights the many ways God speaks to us, often when we don't realize it.

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Dragon Stew (2006)

How do you make dragon stew? Take equal parts of one knight intent on killing a dragon, one dragon attempting to destroy said knight, and one unorthodox angel working to join them in holy wedlock. Simmer over an open fire, adding in a dash of love potion and deception for a week. Then spice it up with twenty-one hidden (to varying degrees) Shakespearian quotes for connoisseurs of literature to discover, wrap it in a Shakespearian style comedy and you have "Dragon Stew.

"WARNING: May result in gaseous fumes and flaming mouth.

Shakespearian Quote Key - when you give up.

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Weapons of War (2006)

This one didn't come out in print, but I read it on the "Ray Gun Radio" podcast. It won an honorable mention in the "Ray Gun Radio" flash fiction contest in October of 2006.

The battle of secret weapons comes down to one man's ingenuity in escaping a dimensional trap.

Ray Gun Radio Podcast

The Call of Nature (2007)

One superhero, one goal, and it has nothing to do with the bad guys, but his own passions.

Ray Gun Revival

Voices (2007)

Where can you go to get away from the voices?

Fear and Trembling Magazine