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Angel of My Desire (2010)

Love's bonds form in seconds when connections are strong.

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Waters That Bind (2008)

We are mostly water, and so are our relationships.

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Soul Light (2007)

The creation of a star usually means the destruction of worlds and equally often, the birth of new ones.

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Where's My Soul? (2007)

Where does our search for meaning lead us?

TeenAge Magazine

A Mother's Life (2006)

A Mother's Day poem, about, naturally, mothers!

One son's perspective.

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

The Path of Least Resistance (2006)

The vastness of creation and our connectedness to it is revealed by the journey of a small rock.

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Growth (2006)

All things grow...or do they?

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Black Hole Relationships (2006)

This one won an honorable mention in the 2006 "Dragons, Knights, and Angels" poetry contest.

Do we dare go beyond the event horizon of love?

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Heroes (2006)

We all have them, but do they help more than they hurt?

Haruah: Breath of Heaven

Dimensional Shifts (2007)

Dimensional travel can be a risky trip to take, if you aren't prepared.

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Waking Nightmares (2007)

What lurks in the deep recesses of the mind when the eyes close and dreams erupt? Sometimes the waking world has its own nightmares we wish were only a dream.

Haruah: Breath of Heaven