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Mind Game (2011)

Mind Game, the Real Virtual Game

Book 1 of the Virtual Chronicles

They said it was just a game. A game containing the most realistic virtual reality ever. Little does Jeremy know that this game will send him on an adventure to a distant galaxy, encounter strange aliens, fight dangerous battles, and struggle to rescue himself, his friends, and thousands of players from a dictator's trap. It will test not only his courage, but his trust in others and loyalty to his friends.

Join Jeremy, his scatter-brained friend Mickey, and his annoying sister Bridget as they embark on a journey like no other, and go where no virtual reality has gone before.


"Copple maintains a fast pace, keeping the action going, and provides unexpected but logical plot twists throughout. Even the dialogue feels real for characters of such a young age, in contrast to how some YA novels can be....

"If you enjoyed Orson Scott Cardís Enderís Game, then you will enjoy R.L. Coppleís Mind Game."

~Scott Sandridge, SpecMusicMuse Review

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