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Hero Game (2012)

Book 2 of the Virtual Chronicles - Being virtual superheroes gives Jeremy, Mickey, and Bridget all of the glory with none of the danger. Using Zori's virtual engine, the trio can become any number of superheroes to right the wrongs on Earth. But Jeremy hadn't counted on Lorian arriving in the Solar System, the brother of the alien Jeremy helped kill to save Zori. With revenge on Lorian's mind and the invasion of Earth in his plans, the super trio find the odds stacked against them. Earth's armies are defenseless before a virtual fleet they can't kill. The three superheroes are all that stand in the way of Lorian enslaving Earth before retaking Zori. It will take more than super powers to save Earth and Zori again.


"Start with Mind Game if you haven't read it yet and then read Hero Game. You'll find both to be hard enough to put down that you'll have to procrastinate about something important for a day or two. If you're like me you'll become friends with the heros, rooting for them to find their courage, and relating to their humanity....This pair of sci if fantasy books are right up there with the best in terms of adventure and fun. Right up there with Ender's Game (a classic with a similar plot line and sci if devices) and even some of Lewis, Tolkien and Bradbury."

~Hank the Tank from Amazon ebook version review.

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