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Ethereal Worlds, Volume 1
An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories (2010)

Discover 25 space-opera-style science fiction and fantasy stories from the pen of R. L. Copple. His unique perspective creates experiences beyond the ordinary and takes the reader on journeys into other worlds.

Stories range from epic fantasy to surreal, drama to humor, and space adventures to fairy tales. Whether reading about an angel trying to marry a dragon and a dragon-slayer, a super-hero spoof set in space, or a man driven to bring renegades to justice, one thread runs through them all: a fun read.

Stories in this volume:

Science Fiction Stories

  • The Call of Nature
  • Spaced Out
  • Monkey Madness
  • Space Talk
  • Ship to Ship Rumors
  • The Captain's Chair
  • Father Jonah and the Renegade
  • The Cold Truth
  • Weapons of War
  • Spacy Date
  • Justice in the Balance

Fantasy Stories

  • Dragon Stew
  • Facing the Cave
  • Voices
  • Wheel of Curses
  • Confessions of a Zombie's Wife
  • Lady of the Lake Employment Office
  • Self-Talk
  • Public Identities
  • Marvelous Man
  • The Carpool
  • The Peasant's Rule
  • Baby Truth
  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll
  • Clever Love

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Ethereal Worlds, Volume 2
An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories with a Touch of Mainstream Fiction (2016)

Looking for a vacation? How about a trip to Alpha Centauri with Santa? Or the Garden of Eden with a wizard? Or maybe a trick-or-treat outing with an orc? Or why not all of them and so many more in Ethereal Worlds, Volume 2?

R. L. Copple’s short stories and flash fictions will allow you to visit the places you could only dream about. Explore the mind-worlds of interesting characters like an executive with a fairy secretary or of a superhero. Nineteen adventures await your visit: some are light, some are humorous, others are dark—all are a fun read.

Pick up a copy to enjoy your own vacation trip for pennies on the dollar!

Stories in this volume:

Fantasy Stories

  • The Pain of Paradise
  • Love Is a Many Crazied Thing
  • The Three Little Pigs, or How to Invest Wisely
  • Mayhem Negotiations
  • The Battles of Life
  • A Shadow in the Dark
  • Broken Loneliness
  • Hallow Fright
  • Death by Injection
  • What Does the Tree Say?
  • Santa Claus Is Leaving Our Planet

Science Fiction Stories

  • The Balloon Ark
  • The Eternal Clock
  • The Hole
  • Orion's Integration
  • Nobody's in Town

Mainstream Fiction

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Gas
  • The Fullness of the Void
  • The Fountain of Christmas Cheer

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Strange Worlds of Lunacy (2008 Anthology)

Strange Worlds of Lunacy is a compilation of the funniest fantasy and sci-fi humor in the galaxy, the known universe, and all nine-million planes of existence! (Okay, well, maybe just the surrounding 5 blocks.) More than 50 short stories, limericks, and poems by breakout authors and seasoned veterans alike. This antho will have you laughing so hard you'll wet your... "...a squeaky-clean bathroom buddy." ~ Colin P. Davies

My two flash fictions in this book:

Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Food feeds the mind and music the soul. But what happens when the two are combined into one "rising" reality? Lots of dough.

Baby Truth: Where do babies come from? No, don't give me any of that mother and father stuff. That's a cover. Now, tell me, where do they really, really come from?


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