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Episode 7 - Preshow Announcement


Episode 7 - Preshow Announcement

Episode 7 - Pre-show Revival Announcement


Yes, we've powered the space station orbiting Titan back up. We've been doing some cleaning and organizing. We've even gone and given the space station a name: Selene. In case you don't get the connection, Selene in Greek mythology was a Titan, and her name means "moon." So, what more natural name could we have for a space station orbiting the moon, Titan?


In this show, Admiral Rick Copple introduces himself as the new host and Zumzum the Martian as his co-host. We'll give you some info of what to expect, and put out the call for readers. You will also hear the rare space verse, written and read by your host, "The Space Monkey Gang."


Would love input as to whether Zumzum should stay as co-host. Leave your vote at the Ray Gun Revival Magazine Forums under the appropriate thread or leave me a voice mail at the number below.


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You can visit the Ray Gun Revival site at

Leave Admiral Rick a voice mail at (512)782-4521 or Skype at rlcopple.


Cast and Crew:


Admiral Rick Copple - Host/Director/Producer

Captain Taylor Kent - Assistant Producer

Captain John Wilkerson - Assistant Producer



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